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SWIFA 1 October 27 2012 Trinity, at the San Antonio Fencing Center
1st PlaceUTFC-a TSFC-a TAMU-a
2nd PlaceTAMU-a TAMU-a UTFC-a
3rd PlaceFCUH FCUH-a TSFC-a
4th PlaceTAMU-b UTFC-a UTFC-b
5th PlaceTSFC UTD-a UTD-a
6th PlaceUTD UTSA-a TAMU-b
7th PlaceUTFC-b TAMUCC-a UTSA-a
8th PlaceUTSA Baylor-a TSFC-b
9th PlaceTrinity-aTrinity-aBaylor-a
10th PlaceTAMUCC-a UNT-a UNT-a
11th PlaceBaylor UTSA-b FCUH-a
12th PlaceUNT-a TSFC-b Trinity-a
13th PlaceTAMUCC-b TAMU-b UTSA-b
14th Place UTFC-b Baylor-b
15th Place Baylor-b TAMUCC
16th Place FCUH-b UNT-b
17th Place UTD-b Trinity-b
18th Place TAMUCC-b UTD-b
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Note:Note that Trinity did not record the second half of the DE match scores.
SWIFA 2 January 19 2013 Texas A&M University
1st PlaceTAMU-a UTFC-a TAMU-a
2nd PlaceFCUH FCUH-a TAMU-b
3rd PlaceUTFC-a UTD-a FCUH-a
4th PlaceTSFC TAMU-a UTFC-b
5th PlaceUTD TAMU-b UTFC-a
6th PlaceTAMU-b UTFC-b TSFC-b
7th PlaceUNT TSFC-a TSFC-a
8th PlaceTAMUCC-b TSFC-b FCUH-b
9th PlaceBaylor UTSA Baylor
10th PlaceUTFC-b Baylor-b TAMUCC
11th PlaceTAMUCC-a Baylor-a UTD
12th Place UNT UNT-a
13th Place UTD-b UNT-b
14th Place FCUH-b UTSA
15th Place TAMUCC-b
16th Place TAMUCC-a
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SWIFA 3 February 16 2013 University of Houston
1st PlaceTSFC-a FCUH-a TAMU-a
2nd PlaceUTFC-a FCUH-a TAMU-b
3rd PlaceBaylor-a UTFC-b TSFC
4th PlaceTAMU-a TSFC UTFC-a
5th PlaceTSFC-b TAMU-a UTD-a
6th PlaceFCUH UTD-a FCUH-a
7th PlaceUNT UTSA UTSA-a
9th PlaceUTD Baylor-a TAMUCC
10th PlaceTAMU-b Trinity FCUH-b
11th PlaceUTSA TAMU-b Baylor
12th PlaceUTFC-b TAMUCC-a UNT-b
13th PlaceBaylor-b FCUH-b UTSA-b
14th Place TAMUCC-b UTD-b
15th Place UTD-b UNT-a
16th Place Baylor-b
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SWIFA 4 April 27 2013 University of Texas at Austin
1st PlaceBaylor TAMU-a UTFC-b
2nd PlaceTSFC-a TAMU-b UTFC-a
3rd PlaceTAMU-a FCUH TSFC-a
4th PlaceTSFC-b UTA-a UTSA-a
5th PlaceUTD-a UTD-a TAMU-a
6th PlaceUTFC-a UNT FCUH-a
8th PlaceFCUH-a UTA-b UTD-a
9th PlaceUNT UTD-b Baylor
10th PlaceTAMU-b TAMUCC-b UTD-b
11th PlaceTAMUCC-a FCUH-b
12th PlaceFCUH-b TAMU-b
13th PlaceUTFC-b UNT-a
14th PlaceUTD-b UTSA-b
15th Place UNT-b
16th Place TAMUCC
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Final Point Standings

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